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john paul steven, who administered the oath four years ago, add card and i'm sure sonia sotomayor will have a card to read it to the vice president. >> you worked for four presidents, david gergen, so take us a little bit inside this vice presidential ceremony we are about to see. for joe biden, who spent a lifetime in politics, eventually becoming the vice president of the united states and now a second term this is huge. >> it's very big. yesterday exthere was a funny moment, vice president on the road was out, called himself president biden. proud to be presidented by in, he had to correct himself. i do think given recent events, takes on significance, the president brought joe biden into the middle of the talks on the fiscal cliff, helps finalize the agreement, then turned to him on gun control, there has been rumblings out there now that vice president biden might actually be interested in running in 2016. there's a whiff of politics today as justice sotomayor swears him in. it is not an accident, i think the first hispanic justice. >> suggesting part of his courting, the his
rising over the capitol building. >> i'm john berman live on the national mall in washington as we gear up for the 57th presidential inauguration, which is today. today is the official swearing in of president barack obama for a second term as mandated by the constitution. that will happen around 11:55 this morning. >> in a little over an hour from now, vice president joe biden will take his oath of office. we'll, of course, take you there live. all day long cnn will bring you the ceremonies, the concerts, the celebrations and, of course, break down the political and historical context of this very special day. but, first, this morning we want to bring you up to speed on this hostage situation in algeria. this morning, the crisis at a natural gas plant is aapparently over and state department says at least one american man is dead, but we still have so many questions about this, including exactly how many people are still missing. let us tell you what we do know right now. the algerian ministry said it launched a second assault yesterday that ended the three-day standoff. the interior m
." it is sunday, january 20th. glad you're with us, i'm randi kaye. >> i'm john burrman. glad to see you here this morning. we're live on the national mall as we gear up for the 57th presidential inauguration. today is the official swearing in of president barack obama for his second term. that will happen at 11:55 a.m. eastern time this morning. >> in just two hours, vice president joe biden will take his oath of office and all day long, cnn will bring you the ceremonies, the concerts, the celebrations and, of course, the political and the historical context of the day. first, we want to bring you up to date now on the hostage situation that is happening in alger algeria. the crisis is all over this morning, but so many questions, including how many people are still missing. here's what we do know at this hour. it launched a second assault yesterday that ended the standoff after three days. the interior ministry almost 700 hostages have been freed, as long with foreigners at least 23 hostages are dead, including three british citizens and so are dozens of islamic militants. i'm joined by our
. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. great to see you here today. we are live in washington, d.c., covering a huge event for this city and a huge event for the entire country. president barack obama's second inauguration. >> you can just see the beautiful picture behind us. so much going on around the nation's capital this weekend. cnn you can be sure is covering it all. parades, concerts, and religious services all of it leading up to the big main event, president obama's inauguration ceremony coming up on monday highlights of that event, the swearing in, of course, and the inaugural speech. white house correspondent brianna keilar joins me to talk more about this. first of all, let's talk about the speech. i understand that the president's still working on it. so what are the themes? what's the focus? >> he is still working on it. he'll be doing tweaks till the last minute. right now he's doing some major tweaks and he's been writing this during the day in the oval office but also at night after sasha and malia go to bed as well as his wife goes to bed. he has time alone in t
'm john berman. great to see you. you are looking at live pictures now of the first family marking today's national day of service. people all over the country are doing the same thing the obamas are doing right now, volunteering in their community on this martin luther king holiday weekend. this national day of service going on here on the national mall where the president is -- it's an elementary school. >> it is an elementary school here in washington. i believe he's doing a little bit similar to his service project last time around four years ago because i believe he had a paint brush in his hand that time. but it looks like he's helping -- what i've seen so far, helping to complete an overhaul of a school in washington, d.c. he has some very good volunteers. i believe they are with city year and they're working to, you know, maybe do a little painting, a little varnishing of a bookcase, john. >> it is the burrville elementary school in northeast washington there. i have to say mrs. obama sporting a little more form than the president painting that bookcase. >> she also has a pair of
, you heard from senator john mccain saying that, quote, he would have like to have seen some outreach in the president's marks, senator john thune of south dakota calling it "mostly 30,000 foot stuff" he, referring to the president, "wasn't doing the kind of outreach he needs to do if he wants to get things accomplished in the second term" and senator susan collins republican of maine chiming in, she had hoped the president's speech would be a little less partisan than it was at times. we heard the pushback in social media particular attention to a comment ali line about the nati of takers and apparent swipe at former gop opponent mitt romney. while a lot of people are celebrating the president's remarks and where the president plans to take the country over the next four years, some concern as well especially from republicans, carol. >> dan, this was also the first time a sitting president addressed the topic of gay marriage in an inaugural address. listen to what the president said. >> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under
borger and john king. also with us, joe johns, dan glickman a senior fellow at the bipartis bipartisan center. jessica, let's start with you. what do we know? what is the president about to tell us? >> hi, wolf. we just got notification the president will be out momentarily. i understand the president will be accompanied. first the vice president will speak on the stage, the president. we'll be looking to see if the president is taking actions today to move forward on some of those efforts he can do unilaterally to effect gun safety. executive actions. the president will be flanked by children who wrote him after the newtown shootings about gun violence. among them three kids whose letters, they sent to us, to show us ages 10 through 11, they asked him to stop some of the gun violence. clearly using the children of the nation in their effort to lobby for gun safety. we've gone through some of those measures that the president has emphasized that we know will come out today. chief among them, tightening the current laws for back ground checks and stepping up regulations to universalize
and liberal inaugural address and some of your fellow republicans said this. i'm going to start with john mccain. he said he would have liked to hear more outreach while ohio republican rob portman tweeted this. my disappointment was in the speech i think the president missed an opportunity to talk about where we can find common ground. steve king tweeted this, awesome and shockingly liberal address. an epic realignment. so some people said not at all, other people said what i just read. what's your take? >> well, you know, the president won the election so he's certainly entitled to pursue his agenda. i thought it would have been more effective though if he had spoken more in thematic terms. by being as precise as he was is laying out a liberal agenda which is what's usually done in a state of the union. in going back to ronald regan's address, government is not the problem. those are general statements. i thought the way he got specific yesterday made it more of a, again, almost campaign type of address. he's an excellent speaker. even how he was distinguishing the issues, implying that de
, and no u.s. arms for the syrian opposition. his choice for secretary of state senator john kerry has gone further. >> we should weigh the risks and benefits of establishing safe zones near syria's border areas. >> reporter: if syria's president bashar al assad unleashes his chemical weapons, a real scare that emerged late last year, mr. obama says he will retaliate. >> the world is watching. the use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable. >> reporter: countries that lived through the arab spring two years ago are morphing into a zone of instability. barack obama put his administration on the line for egypt's president mohamed morsi, a member of the muslim brotherhood. but egypt's economy is on the ropes. across the region, political storm clouds ar gathering as iran, israel and eight arab countries hold crucial elections this year. >> in every one of them, a new form of right, far, far right is emerging as to change the balance of power. >> reporter: in his first term, barack obama said he was making the middle east peace process a priority, but middle east expert aaron
about how the hostage crisis ended today? >> well, john, you can definitely say that it was very violent. in fact, we're still trying to pin down the numbers. you know, as the algerian news agency said, 23 hostages were killed. 32 terrorists were killed. but that area was mined. and, in fact, the british foreign secretary just talked about that, that it was booby trapped. so as now they go in to clear it and make it safe, there is a lot that they may not know. and is still not a clear -- the operation is over, but it's not a cleared-out space. they could find things as they go through. let's listen to the defense secretary, leon panetta. he said it very well this afternoon. >> with regards to the numbers of americans, we are still trying to get accurate information about just exactly how many americans were located there and exactly what happened to them. >> and so that is really the key. everyone who had people in that location, at that plant, is trying right now. those countries are trying to find out exactly what happened to every single person who was involved. don, we -- at this poi
and with cancer. i'm encouraged people are sticking with the foundation. years ago, john, we decided to rebrand the lance armstrong foundation livestrong because we thought that someday something could happen, we wanted the foundation to live beyond one person. we wanted to live on its own and have its own brand and not be contingent on any one person including lance. >> some of the strongest denials were under oath but he's apparently not at risk for perjury charges because too many years have passed so his greatest challenge could be financial. not only are his endorsement deals dead he's in talks to return some of the reported $31 million in sponsorship money given to the team by the u.s. postal service. cnn's alison kosik is looking into that part of the story. >> reporter: good morning, carol, this involves in the tens of billions of dollars. the postal service has been pretty quiet about how much money it was spending to sponsor the cycling team but documents that espn and "the wall street journal" got a hold of show the usps spent about $32 million between 2001 and 2004. the post office
>>> monday on "starting point" john, zoraida and i will be live on the national mall with special coverage of the president's inauguration that begins at 5:00 a.m. eastern time. thanks to our panel, we'll see you back here on monday, or we'll see you from a distance on monday. "cnn newsroom" with carol costello begins right now -- >>> happening now in the "newsroom" -- the doping and the deceit. >> yes or no, did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance? >> yes. >> lance armstrong and the one big lie. >> this is too late. that's my fault. i view this situation as one big lie. that i repeated a lot of times. >> the fallout and the fury from the people around armstrong. >> you owed it to me lance, and you dropped the ball, after what you've done to me, what you've done to my family, and you couldn't own up to it, and now we're supposed to believe you? >> this morning, what happens next? is lance armstrong done for good? >>> also ahead, hostage crisis, the fate of americans deep in the sahara desert, unclear this morning. >> this incident will be resolved w
off with a church service at st. john's church, just across the street from the white house. then on to the public. the swearing in here where hundreds of thousands are expected to turn out on what will be, i'm sure, a chilly washington day, from capitol hill to the national mall, pennsylvania avenue, for the inaugural parade. i will be there. i'm so excited. i'll be there in the thick of things. of course, many, many -- many, many of our cnn crews will be there as well. you can catch it here on cnn through monday. much like the halftime show at the super bowl, the opportunity to perform at a presidential inauguration really is the chance of a lifetime. and come monday, you have beyonce, kelly clarkson, james taylor, all performing in front of the president. no pressure. so will the 50 children and teenagers of a marching band from iowa, they'll be feeling a little bit of the pressure too. this will be their second time performing for the president at the inaugural parade. and, by the way, let me add this, this is at the president's request. emily schmidt has their story. >>
>>> tomorrow on "starting point" john hustis is back to report on the reaction for what lance armstrong tells oprah winfrey. >>> cnn newsroom" begins right now. >> sorry, soledad, good morning to you and hello everyone! stories we're watching, i was having an interesting conversation with my executive producer. >>> a ferocious football player bruised and battered by the shocking revelation the dying girlfriend he publicly mourned never existing. >>> cheating, businessmen, sports stars, celebrities even your own kids may be doing it. sure people get caught like tiger woods. >> i was unfaithful. i had affairs. i cheated. >> but will we ever learn our lesson? today we're looking at why we cheat. >>> behaving like a king, that's how senator rand paul described president obama who signed 19 executive actions on gun control. we'll tell you what else paul is saying, plus this. >>> it's going to be like that, huh? ahh, someone wants to play. >> just trying to keep one the old guy, you snow. >> dude, is that your real hair? >> rory and tiger joking on the set but the joke is on you. th
. we buy their stuff and cheer them on. we are the problem. not them. and from john, we idolize cheaters and imitate them. oh, we will say they are wrong but we see they are rich and powerful despite their cheating and say, why not? and dale says, people cheat because they are lazy and don't want to do the hard work. cheating is not allowed or tolerated in our home. talk back at facebook.com/carolcnn. and more at 3:00 p.m. eastern with brooke baldwin. cnn "newsroom" continues right now with ashleigh banfield. >> carol, thanks very much. we've got big news to bring to you. an actual dramatic turn of events in algeria where americans are among those being held right now. we've got reports that an algerian militant operations currently under way to free the hostages from a remote gas plant located in the eastern part of that country. the algerian state news agency says four hostages have been freed, two british, a french citizen and citizen from kenya. minutes ago the irish governmented aed to that saying one of its nationals have been freed which brings the total to five being fre
-time cycling champion, an analyst who called his first tour de france. john, welcome to you. we visited this moment ago. watch. >> lance is a killer. that's why you watch him. any of these guys who compete at this high level are killers. they are ruthless and murderers. that's what they do. >> on one level you have the killer, someone who is a ruthless competitor. what takes that person to the next level to cheat, to roll over him in their path to get there. >> it's complex. for lance and for professional athletes and baseball players who take amphetamines, this is the mentality. they think it's part of the game. lance armstrong walked into a system with the u.s. postal service team that was established. what happens when you grow up in a sport, you grow up in a bubble. after a while, things become that would seem strange outside of that bubble become normal. it's not doping or cheating, but preparation. medical preparation. that's how they view it within themselves. >> you bring up baseball. you have the likes of mark mcgwire or barry bonds or pete rose whoa gambled. that was his cheat
in the past two weeks, too. mary lea is being tracked by chris fisher. mr. fisher talked with john berman about tracking this great white and making sure people know what she's up to. >> when a 16-foot mature white shark over 3500 pounds comes close to a populated area, i feel an obligation to call. when you look at her track observe past two weeks from jacksonville beach to where she is now off cape hatteras, she's been exploring the coast, going in and out, near a lot of estuaries and river mouth. she's moved from charleston, to myrtle beach, rounded cape fear, cape lookout, now at cape hatteras. really expecting her to turn back south. it's a little bit too early for a snow shark to be heading north. we'll feel like she'll head south again. no one knows, this is the first time we've been able to do this ever. >> he named her after his mom, too. how adorable is that? thanks for watching, everyone. "newsroom international" starts right now. >>> welcome to "newsroom international." i'm suzanne malveaux. take you around the world in 60 minutes. an important part of the inaugural festivitie
. >> john lewdman with media relations at the college. right now the campus is closed, on lockdown. we have evacuated everybody. like the major said, we don't have any additional information to provide at this time. we will be using our main number 281-618-5400 to provide updates if people want to call in. we'll have recorded messaging updating the situation at the college. >> for folks parked on one side or the other, what should they do? >> not a lot of information being given out here at this location, which is probably not at all helpful -- >> back here, not a lot as you heard that reporter say. not a lot of information given out. the reason because this san active situation. it is an ongoing situation. they're still looking for the second shooter. to reiterate, what ed was reporting, also what we have confirmed, that three people have been injured, and in the midst of this, a fourth person had suffered a heart attack. ed lavandera, still with me? >> i am, brooke. >> i think where we left off is you were describing the area, a heavy residential area beyond the perimeter of this campus.
and work to make an impact that goes for beyond the bottom line. he's john mackey, ceo of the multibillion dollar retailer whole foods and co-author of "conscious capitalism, liberating the heroic spirit of business." good morning, john. >> good morning, carol. >> we're happy you're here. >> happy to be here. >> before we get into the book, and it sounds like a great book, i'd like to address something you said about obama care, the president's health care plan. you initially labeled the health care act a form of socialism and then on npr you called obama care fascism, why did you decide to change the terminology? >> clearly that's a bad choice of words. traditionally socialism means production run by the government and in fascism the means of production are still owned by private individuals but they're controlled by the government. and what's happening is our health care plan -- our health care system's moving away from free enterprise capitalism towards greater governmental control. that was a poor choice of words due to the baggage and associations that go along with it. so, now i'm ju
it at a whole nother level. >> that's true. but how long does that last or people feel that emotionally? john, this never happens, i'll give you the final word. >> an interesting day because mark sanford announced he's running for congress. >> and his wife is not. >> left office in 2009 because of an affair. it strikes me as interesting on this day when we talk about lance armstrong whether he can be rehabilitated. >> apples and oranges. >> this guy is running for congress and he was chased from office and now he's back and running for office. >> he sued people that called him out. >> we'll see. that's a very interesting question. he has a good chance. >>> in just a few hours at 11:55 eastern a.m., of course, president obama will announce his new gun control agenda. we know how that some family members from the newtown, connecticut, will be joining the president. you want to stay with cnn for special coverage of that announcement. it begins with wolf blitzer at 11:55 a.m. eastern time right here on cnn. tomorrow we'll be talking with texas congressman rahim castro, new york congressman peter
borger is here, john king is with me as well. gloria, first to you. these 23 actions, and they represent everything from issuing a presidential memorandum, to require a federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system, to going ahead and actually nominating a director of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. he has a lot of specifics in here. he could do this without legislation, but the big stuff requires legislation. >> yeah, the big such requires congress to act, as he pointed out. i think what we heard today was a president who said to us, i'm putting everything i've got behind this, i intend to use whatever might this office hold. but he was always president who made it clear that he understands the political realities of all of this, that it's going to be difficult for members on his side of the aisle as well as republicans to sign on to something like renewing the ban on assault weapons. and it was sort of symmetry for me to see joe biden standing there with the president. joe biden in 1990 was the person who was the pointman in the se
issues is reducing the demand for legal drugs in this country. john zarrella, reporting on what to expect going forward. >> reporter: with america's use of illicit drugs continuing to rise, the challenge -- what's the best way to curb it? clarence jackson started smoking pot when he was 14. he says he quickly graduated to coke, crime and then prison. >> i've been in prison every consecutive year of my life since 1989 until 2009. >> reporter: 20 years in and out of florida jails and prisons. jackson is now in court-ordered group counseling. >> you know how selfish it is? everybody around you hurt when you get locked up. even your dog. that sounds silly. even your dog. >> reporter: guy wheeler runs the program, 12 to 24 sessions for first-time offenders, the gold ring upon completion, a cleansed record. jackson laments if only this program weral there for him 20 years ago. >> i wouldn't have been a liability. i would have been a great asset to society. >> reporter: could be the poster boy for a philosophical change how the u.s. is dealing with illicit drug use. not just a crime, but addicti
. >> okay. >> gingrich isn't only a well known politician on the show. vice president biden, senator john mccain, senator barbara boxer and olympia snowe all made cameos. >>> clinton said president obama went from a five-stroke lead to a one-stroke lead during their last game, their game last month. he joked about the incident at an event in palm springs, california, telling the crowd, i'm only one down and he leaves at hole 13, and says, got to go. clinton didn't accuse the president of ducking out to avoid a loss, but he admitted playing the presidential card himself in the past. >>> and just in time for an inauguration, the white house releasing a new official portrait photo of the president, shows him smiling with his arms folded, standing in front of his desk in the oval office. the president has more gray hair than four years ago and, of course, speaking of hair, first lady michelle obama rocking a new do, has some bangs. michelle obama debuting the new look yesterday. that was actually her 49th birthday as well. happy birthday. >>> monday, not just the day of president obama's second
of the families here. one family that will not be attending is that of john larimer, who died shielding his girlfriend from the gunfire. cnn's carol costello talked with his father earlier today. >> they didn't contact us directly. they went through another organization who invited us. and the family, we got together and chatted about it and decided that it wasn't appropriate for us to attend. >> and you also suggested that other families of victims and other victims boycott this special evening. >> yeah. we talked a little bit to some of the other families and agreed with them that this was not really the best way to handle the situation. >> according to the denver post, some 2,000 theater tickets will be handed out to victims, first responders and to hospital workers, counselors will also be available. >>> all right, oprah winfrey has called it the biggest interview she has ever done. sitting down with the man who was once called america's greatest sporting hero. now she says an admitted drug cheat. oprah appeared on cbs this morning to talk about what lance armstrong was like during that
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)

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